I don't do senior session very often, but Sarah was awesome to work with. The location was amazing, her aunt's house, I could have shot there all day!




We ended the session with the sun setting. It was freezing, but we got a few great shots before we packed it in.


Thanks for the fun session, Sarah!

Taylor and Landon

Whenever a client has a session, usually one of the first questions they ask is "Where should we take the pictures?". I have many places in the area that are my favorites, and usually we will go to one of those, because I know the light will be right and the scenery will be great.

I'm always excited, though, when a client wants to do a session at their own house or yard, because it can really help little ones open up and be more comfortable. They're used to playing in their yard/house, so I can just come hang out with them and have a good time!

This session was one of those times where I just get to hang out and have a good time with some great kids. Taylor (who reminded me quite a bit of my own 4 year old, Lilly) was full of energy and couldn't wait to show me what she was going to be for Halloween.



Her brother, Landon, was  a little sweetheart, full of smiles!


And this has to be one of my new favorite pictures ever.. Does it get any cuter???


Dad raked us a pile of leaves, and they had a great time!




I loved this one, Taylor telling Landon to look at the camera!


There were so many great shots, I hard time picking which ones to show and which to save for the ordering session!  Thanks for the great time Taylor and Landon, I can't wait to come hang out with you guys again!

Anthony, Rochelle & Avery

In the middle of the busy season, it's always nice to slow down and be able to have a shoot with family members. And when they're as cute as Avery, that's just a bonus!



We had to change locations because of how many photographers there were, but I think the depot was a great backdrop, not to mention it gave Avery the chance to run!


She was a typical 2 year old, didn't want to hold still for more than a few seconds, but we were able to get some great shots anyway.





Think she was tired of posing?


And a few of Mom and Dad....



Thanks for the great time guys!  

Jeremiah, Samantha, and Emma

My goal as a photographer is not only to help my clients capture special memories and create heirlooms, but to give back to the community whenever I am able. I am a member of a few different charitable organizations designed to help photographers give back, but the one that is probably closest to my heart is Operation Love Reunited.

Founded by fellow photographers and military wives, Op Love connects photographers with troops and their families who are facing deployment. As a military wife myself I know the emotions that you go through during a deployment and when I found this organization I was thrilled to be a part of what they're doing. If you know of any military members who are going to be deployed and/or are returning from a deployment, search on the Op Love site to find a photographer that may be able to capture these special moments for you.

So, my point being, I had the opportunity to photograph an Op Love session this last weekend for Jeremiah, Samantha, and their adorable little girl, Emma. Jeremiah will be deploying this month to Iraq.


Emma was a total sweetheart,  the first thing she did when she met me was give me a big hug! Like most 18 months old she was FULL of energy, but we had a good time taking a walk in the park. She did stop to give Mommy and Daddy some love though.



Thank you all 3 of you for your sacrifice for our country and ensuring that we can enjoy the freedoms we all too often take for granted. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you face this time apart.  


And I had to include this one on the blog, it cracked me up. She was DONE being held for pictures!


Amber and Daniel

I had the opportunity to shoot Amber and Daniel's wedding on the 2nd. The entire wedding was simple and relaxed, and Amber was one of the most calm and peaceful brides I've ever seen.

Here's a few of my favorite images from the wedding


amberdaniel-270-2 amberdaniel-19



Hey look.. there's me!










Hope you two are settling easily  into married life, Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!!

End of Summer Post

Yes, I've been slow posting the last month. We started off going to Montana the beginning of August for my little brother's wedding,  and have been meaning to post  ever since, but couldn't seem to find the time!

My new Fall resolution is to post at least once a week to the blog to share session images or just updates on what's going on. The Fall/Christmas season is almost here, and sessions are booking up fast, so if you've been thinking of getting a family portrait done for Christmas cards give me a call or shoot me an email. I will be posting some more details regarding Fall/Christmas sessions, so check back to see available times/options, and be sure to contact me to schedule your session.

More to add, but I'll keep this short and post some sweet pictures of a cutie I had the chance to photograph last week, Miss Karlie.


She was so sweet and agreeable with such beautiful dark eyes!


She was so close to walking that she didn't sit still very long and wasn't quite sure about having to keep still on the chair for pictures.



This one reminded me of my own little Katie, She was on the go and ready to get the camera!!


I had a great time with Karlie and her mom, I'll bet by her birthday in a few months she'll be running around!   

Sneak Peek for Isabelle and Morgan

You may recognize these 2 cuties from the wedding pictures I posted a few weeks ago. They're the nephew/neice of the groom, and we had a fun session on Sunday at Kathryn Albertson park.

They both had fun picking flowers...

And walking through the park...

And lucky mom and dad get to head off for a trip to Hawaii this week!!

Have a great time on your trip guys, hopefully these pics will tide you over till you get back!